On the way to OLED, Chinese TV makers have reached the same goal 18th,Sep,2020

                                       As you may know, each transition of TV display technology almost goes through a similar process: the upstream panel source first initiates "bets" on different technological paths, and downstream TV manufacturers then "bets" on their own. In the end, the market screens out almost the only "bet". The "Winners Alliance" has become the mainstream technology of the new round of display revolution.

The rapid technological change is always beyond the imagination of conservatives-various phenomena indicate that LCD is becoming the next object to be iterated and will replace it on a large scale, or that most TV manufacturers choose to bet on OLED .

Many examples can prove this point. For example, Hisense has now begun to push more of his chips to the OLED table. Hisense first launched an OLED TV about a year and a half ago. This year, he chose to continue to increase the code and just released an OLED self-luminous TV A8F.